Entry Title: " Park am Gleisdreieck // Conversion of a historical railway areal"
Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): Atelier LOIDL Landscape Architects Leonard Grosch Bernd Joosten Felix Schwarz Andreas Lipp

Entry Description:

With the Park am Gleisdreieck a modern urban location has been created focusing on the basic essentials of landscape architecture. Without any decoration, a location is formed, which keeps it as simple as possible but uses fine details, sensual materials and vegetation, which together unfold a strong, poetical effect. The contrast between grown nature and artificially built elements, vegetative elements has been purposely put in scene. The historical traces and relicts found on the grounds of the railway triangle Gleisdreieck are witnesses of the turbulent past of the location and were integrated into the park concept. Besides the specially wild railway nature there are historical relicts like the old bumpers, weighing scales, shipping ramps and cobble stones worth conserving. The reintegration of one of Berlin's last inner-city industrial wastelands benefits not only the surrounding neighbourhoods, but also preserves the existing pioneer nature on the spot. To free the soil from it's heavy industrial pollution was not an easy task for Atelier LOIDL. Ideally, the Park am Gleisdreieck can show how Berlin really is: multi-cultural, sophisticated without showing off, modern, flexible, fun-loving, and above all sensual. Finally, we hope that the park will build a bridge between the old quarters and the new life at the Potsdamer Platz. Modelled on New Yorks Community Gardens the Berlin initiative of intercultural Gardens tries to utilize open urban spaces and fallow lands. Neighbours, promenaders and other initiatives profit from these examples of lived integration and civil involvement.

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