Entry Title: " Magneto"
E.Z.B Architecture and Industrial Design studio
, Italy
Category: Professional, Personal transportation
Designer(s): Dogus Bodamyalızade

Entry Description:

The idea comes from the Monowheel history. The project, introducing the new concept of two-n-one vehicle in automotive industry.Moreover this project gives us an opportunty to resolve our daily problems related to transportaton.Magneto has a capacity of six people.The car can divide into two parts which increases its usability. The main part of the car has a capacity for six people the other part that is divided has a capacity of two.Both of the parts can be used as seperate vehicles. The smaller vehicle energy source is fueled by kinetic energy Which is produced from the larger vehicle tires.

About the Company:


* 2013 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Personal transportation Category