Entry Title: " Organization Earth"
, Greece
Category: Professional, Non Profit services
Designer(s): Sergios Fotiadis, Christos Zouras, Petros Kokkalis

Entry Description:

Organization Earths mission is to provide Education for Sustainable Development.

Organization Earth has set up a facilityin Athens: the "Center of the Earth", a collective, non- governmental, not for profit facility providing education for sustainable development, to the urban population of Athens. The Centre of the Earth is a hub forpeople of all ages who want to be part of re-defining mainstream, urban lifestyles with a view to sustainability.

The Center of the Earth highlights Environmental Social Intelligence, a different way of thinking and acting based on information, education, and awareness of modern environmental, social and cultural solutions. Our aim is to expand our visitors' horizons so that in their day-to-day activities they can identify and adopt attitudes and forms of behavior that contribute to ameliorating the environment while also contributing to collective prosperity and a better quality of life.

Working with pioneering partners, we try to implement new ways of thinking and acting, capable of transforming the essential systems of food, energy and finance in order to secure a more fulfilling life for us and future generations.

The activities of Organization Earth" are based on the principles of sustainable development, adopting practices that highlight a sustainable relationship between man and the earth.

In 2013 the Center of the Earth welcomed 40.000 visitors:
- 25.000 pre school and primary school children
- 8.000 high school children
- 7.000 mixed groups (families) and adults

About the Company:


* 2013 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Non Profit services Category
* 2013 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - - Category