Entry Title: " Invisible Farm"
Category: Professional, Other
Designer(s): Minnie Jan

Entry Description:

Invisible farm is a series of hexagon units, which let user create their
own vertical farm
pattern on their windows.

Global urbanization has resulted most of the population living in urban
area. Our living
style is getting farther and farther from cultivating vegetables and
surrounded with
favorite flowers. However, there is still hope having your small garden
along with your
tiny windows. Invisible farm units are able to adapt any size of
windows by configuring
its formation.

Invisible farm is following the basic concept of vertical garden with
hydroponic system,
which circulates water with nutrients for plants to grow without soil.
There are a few
options for the medium for plants to glow instead of using soil, such
as coconuts hair or
sponge for hydroponic system to well circulate water. In our case, we
use gel polymer with
plants nutrients, which allows lights to transmit through it.

Invisible farm units maximize use of small windows in high density
cities to harvest
edible plants or green plants and decorate your windows on your own

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