Entry Title: " Demonstration kit house"
Category: Professional, Residential|Residential Products
Designer(s): Noah Grunberg

Entry Description:

The future of America relies on our connection to the natural environment. Clean air and water, fresh food, and reduced use of natural resources are important components to successful future generations. The houses we live in should help contribute to these goals in an inspiring way.

This demonstration house was built by Noble Home, LLC to display a new generation of appropriate dwelling - one that is adaptable to various site conditions and responsive to the natural resources and beauty available; one that is also affordable and as environmentally benign as possible. The Noble Home building system strikes the balance of affordability and architectural adaptability.

This home is not facing the roadway, but protected from its noise and publicity with an energy efficient earth berm onits north side. Enter the house through the protected entry and discover the expansion of interior space and views out to the southern woods and river. Communally cook, eat, relax or entertain in the large great room: cool and shaded in summer, sunlit and warm in winter. The concrete finish floor acts a heat sink to store daytime heat for use at night. A smaller hallway brings you to the 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, all within 1280 square feet.

Noble Home is a home building kit to be constructed easily by those wanting to build their own house without sacrificing quality of construction or design. It consists of panels and pre-cut elements, all to be assembled on site with a minimum of skilled labor. Besides being affordable, the Noble Home is a healthy home: there is no plywood, OSB, or other "off-gassing" materials and all wood is solid and locally grown helping to attain a chemical free interior. Noble Home is energy efficient: its thermal performance and passive solar attributes scored it a HERS rating of 61.

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