Entry Title: " Speed Block"
Category: Professional, Industrial Products
Designer(s): Studio \"Librus\" design team.

Entry Description:

Speed-block is a modular Lego type system, which can be simply customized to your changing needs and requirements. It is easy and fast to assemble and disassemble. It\'s also most suitable for D.I.Y, home owners and unskilled builders.
Hidden water hoses and electric cables can be easily integrated in the Speed-Block system.
Speed-Block is a flexible and cost effective partition system. You decide the exact length and height of the wall you wish to build and simply buy it by the Footage (or Meter).
The \"add on\" accessories are separately sold and installed in the system, as if you were adding another Lego element or block.
Speed-Block provides plenty of features and accessories to meet your immediate, future and changing needs.
When the needs vanish, you may simply disassemble the wall, rebuild it elsewhere or pack it for the next time a need for partition pops up.
No need for regulations, certifications and authorizations.

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