Entry Title: " Office Furniture Rescue"
Category: Professional, Concept|Commercial services
Designer(s): Dan De Clercq

Entry Description:

Office Furniture Rescue
Our goal is to save office furniture from the landfill. We achieve
this through our Office Furniture Rescue program.
How can a mahogany desk, made of slow-growing hard wood
plundered from the Amazon, be eco-friendly? When it's re-used
(Sethi, 2008).
Often, the greenest consumer route is not buying new furniture
but rather buying used products - some made with traditional,
possibly heinous methods. Reduce, reuse, then recycle. This
rule of thumb certainly applies to office furniture (Sethi, 2008).
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that businesses
discard approximately 8 million tons of furniture and
furnishings per year into landfills at a cost of over $100
The Center for Remanufacturing & Reuse estimates that
over 50% of office furniture sent to landfill each year is
actually reusable. Clearly this is a waste of both resources and
money. Energy is also expended by removing and transporting
presumed end-of-life furniture to landfills.
Enter Office Furniture Rescue.
Depending on an organizations scope of unwanted goods, we
look first to help that company reuse their furniture. If they
have a substantial amount of furniture not being reused, we
hold auctions to maximize any remaining monetary value for the
client and help the environment by placing these goods into a
second life versus a trip to the landfill.
Next, we will donate on their behalf any remaining furniture to
charities. We support over a dozen local charities.
As a last resort, we will recycle office furniture components.
In our first year of operation, we recycled over 2,000 tons of
furniture components. We also facilitated donations to over a
dozen charities and resold or rented over $250,000 of
unwanted office furniture. All told, by reusing and/or recycling
office furniture it is estimated that we have diverted over 20,000
tons from CT area landfills.

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