Entry Title: " Arak-Pack"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Luis Antonio Valesini

Entry Description:

Arak-Pack consists of an innovative proposal for the packaging segment, characterized by two fitting modules, preferably made of recycled PET, and a compressible packing inside of them made either of PET or cardboard resulting in an assembly block.

Arak-Pack packaging recycles other packaging lines since it uses recycled PET in the manufacturing of the assembly modules. While other traditional packaging lines provide raw material, eco-creative packaging takes charge of recycling them, which adds value to all parties involved, decentralizes recycling, which is displaced to the beginning of the process, simplifying and enhancing its reach, resulting in an innovative and sustainable cycle.

Arak-Pack packaging has an active function after consumption. Before, the consumer was the agent responsible for the disposal of packaging and had to bear the responsibility for it. With Arak-Pack packaging the consumer becomes a multiplying, creative and ecological agent through the change of consumer habits. This paradigm shift underscores the value and importance the consumers have for the manufacturer and the effective role each of us has in the world.

To the three "R" that drive sustainable practices Reduce, Reuse and Recycle we have added a fourth one Recreate. This fourth dimension opens up new perspectives as Rebuilding attempts to multiply and expand the efforts of the first three "R", creatively articulating the three sustainable practices, opening them to innovation.

We do not propose transforming waste but avoiding the packages to be perceived as waste after use. Evidently, a more sustainable packaging is not the one that generates less waste, nor the one which can be recycled, but that which the consumer does not throw away because he/she sees in it values which are incompatible with its disposal. Arak-Pack packaging assumes that garbage is zero but possibilities are endless...

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