Entry Title: " India Glycols Corporate Office"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Morphogenesis

Entry Description:

Set in a tabula rasa landscape in a harsh hot-dry climate, the project was conceived as a solid perimeter scheme with a more fluid interior, its morphology blurring the interface between the inside and outside, much like a traditional fort complex, like Fatehpur Sikri. A stacking system is used to generate a variety of open spaces; courtyards, verandahs, terraces, green roofs, that help to structure spaces. The designs conceptual strength comes from the spatial organization which creates overlaps between the exterior and the interior and between the various programmatic requirements, creating a vibrant and creative work environment.

Solar exclusion is achieved by means of a solid external perimeter with very small slit windows on the outside, which only permits diffused daylight into the office environs. The reliance on artificial lighting is substantially reduced as courtyards are created to increase natural light levels on the floor plates.

Passive environmental techniques from the wisdom of traditional architecture of the region are interpreted to create an oasis in this harsh location. The shaded courtyards, terrace gardens, mist gardens and water bodies temper external spaces through evaporative cooling and facilitate thermal insulation, thereby reducing dependence on artificial means of cooling.

The underlying principle was that The work place should manifest itself as a more flexible and integral part of an employees life rather than a separate entity of specified hours of confinement. Rhythmic articulation of volumes and spaces generates a scheme that is a radical departure from the structured differentiated spaces of the traditional office and the monotony of the open plan halls that have dominated office planning.

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