Entry Title: " Zerega Avenue EMS"
Category: Professional, Industrial|Public|Concept
Designer(s): Smith-Miller+Hawkinson Architects SCAPE Landscape Architects ADS Engineers Silman and Partners, Structural Engineers

Entry Description:

The Zerega Avenue Emergency Medical Services Facility, commissioned by the New York City Department of Construction as part of their Design Excellence Program, brought much needed emergency medical services in the format of Ambulances and HAZMAT vehicles to a formerly under-severed community in the Borough of the Bronx, New York.

As a Community facility we believed that the design should endorse the concepts of Sustainability, demonstrating the principals embedded in former Mayor Blumbergs 2030 Plan for the City.

The projects site planning was dictated by vehicle access and service as well as orientation, with the apparatus bays East side, street-side aprons, opening directly to Zerega Avenue. Economy of operation was married to environmental orientation. Travel distances were minimized by a drive-thru layout, and lighting requirements sharply reduced by the extensive use of high insulating value polycarbonate panels at the buildings exterior, in both typical window wall and clerestories at the apparatus bays.

Clearly visible from both the street and nearby residential towers, the green roof complete with its photovoltaic cells and solar hot water arrays broadcasts an optimistic and environmental savvy message to all the projects constituents; users, visitors, and community alike.

The building was designed as an Essential Services facility, meaning that it must remain operational in the event of major weather, seismic, or other events.

The project is fully integrated into its ecological context, collecting roof run-off which is stored in an on site cistern, and distributed on demand to a local Community garden. At the site parking and apparatus apron, porous pavements, small bio-swales, and perimeter trench drains reduce ground water run-off.

The local Community garden supports wildlife from the nearby Westchester River, while while diversity in landscape plantings insure a protected on-site ecosystem.

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