Entry Title: " SeedCell"
Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): Daniel Robson Simon Scott-Harden

Entry Description:

SEEDCELL is a waste free seed package alternative, that acts as a seed delivery system designed to have both functional and environmental benefits. The paper pulp based seed disk snaps from the main backing card and is broken up into individual cells which are pushed into the ground without the need for use of tools, the shape acts as a dibber and helps to push through the lose earth or soil.

The Cells absorb water and deliver it straight to the seed without drowning it, and uses less water than conventional methods of growing from seed. The warm and moist environment helps to aide root growth, the seed breaks through the cell once the cell begins to decompose. The paper pulp is 100% recycled and the whole product is biodegradable and 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Green Digit has launch the product throughout the UK and hope to make the transition to the USA soon.

About the Company:


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