Entry Title: " Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Admissions Kiosk"
Category: Professional, Public
Designer(s): Sanders Architecture, PLLC

Entry Description:

Inspired by greenhouses in the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Centers central gardens, the new admissions kiosk serves as a lighthouse to mark the entrance for visitors who predominantly arrive by automobile. Built mostly off-site, the building wears sustainability on its sleeve - a deliberate decision intended to introduce the public to ongoing research at the Wildflower Center. During the summer months, condensate water collected from the buildings mini-split air conditioning system is used to irrigate the green roof and green wall. The green roof exhibits a mix of prairie grasses and flowering plants native to central Texas. The planting medium for the green roof, a proprietary mix developed for hot climates, uses 100% recycled ingredients. The green wall, once fully established, will shade the west elevation from the harsh afternoon sun. The buildings finishes - locally sourced cypress, renewable cork flooring, low-VOC paints and adhesives and recycled denim insulation - compliment the Wildflower Centers sustainable mission. The buildings steel frame, designed to allow the kiosk to be transported to the site, will allow it to be moved to a new location if the Wildflower Centers long-term master plan is implemented. The steel and aluminum components of the building are easily disassembled and recycled when the building is eventually retired. Because substantial daylighting and natural ventilation keep energy use low, 67% of the buildings annual energy needs are provided by the solar photovoltaic array that doubles as a shade awning at the visitor transaction windows. Designed to accommodate four employees, the 100 square foot building is too small to qualify for LEED Certification. However, the kiosk demonstrates to visitors how sustainable building technologies are integrated and employed. The Wildflower Center provides messaging on the LED displays and provides informational pamphlets to further educate the public about environmentally responsible buildings.

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