Entry Title: " OSORO"
Category: Professional, Industrial|Concept|Industrial Products
Designer(s): Client NARUMI CORP Creative direction, product design, art direction & illustration MANABU TAGO (MTDO inc.) HIROKO TAGO (MTDO inc.) Concept book design MANABU TAGO (MTDO inc.) HIROKO TAGO (MTDO inc.) TOSHIYUKI SHINKE Brand name, edit, writing & catch copy KEITA FUKASAWA Translate & catch copy KENICHI EGUCHI Photograph MASARU NAKATA Movie Kazuhiko Kameda (WOW inc) Takuma Nakaji (WOW inc) Supervisor TAKAKO KAJIKAWA

Entry Description:

OSORO is made of ceramics and silicon resin, a combination that enables use of the product not only for serving food, but also for cooking by microwave or conventional oven, and for storing food in the freezer or refrigerator. In addition, our new attempt to modularize the tableware allows it to be stacked efficiently so OSORO can improve space efficiency in the home as well.
At a glance, OSORO may seem to have a perfectly straightforward design, but chinaware, which is categorized as semi-industrial goods, and silicone products, as industrial goods, have different dimensional accuracies in manufacturing so combining the two materials was no mean feat.As we confronted the changing lifestyles and complex social issues of our age, we wondered if we could lend flair to peoples tables with our products as a tableware manufacturer. Our endeavor began with that question. As a result of a myriad of efforts, we succeeded in offering people an environment where they do not need cling-film and containers, reducing water usage and CO2 emissions, and generating products that make leisure time for people.
I expressed all of the information about the product as info-graphic information so that consumers could easily understand the characteristics of the product. I also designed communication so that the value proposition would be properly conveyed to people speaking different languages.
NARUMI is a western tableware company while OSORO has incorporated Japanese culture, a piece of old Japanese wisdom, ikki-tayo, meaning one tool used for various purposes. Western tableware born in Europe has a long history, but the industry had not evolved for a long time. We questioned each of the common practices that had lived long in the industry and found answers to them with approaches that were uniquely Japanese.
We won many awards of the world.

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