Entry Title: " Kentucky Promise"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Mark Miller, Director, Innovation Studio Steve Kelley, Director, Architecture Studio Marina Christodoulides, Associate Brett Kelly, Senior Project Architect Allison Owens, Designer Annie Liu, Junior Designer

Entry Description:

This project actively tests and works to improve environmental
conditions. Its concept began with a focus on Water, Air, Earth,
and Energy.

The MKThink team has already installed a series of sensors,
monitoring environmental factors such as Air Temperature,
Relative Humidity, Mean Radiant Temperature, Carbon Dioxide,
Carbon Monoxide, Water Quality, Solar Radiation, Wind Speed,
Average Rainfall, Wi-Fi Device Traffic, Population Demographics,
and Building Assets to create a holistic picture of the capabilities
of the site. Once the building is inhabited, this dynamic
building system will continue to test and improve its
environmental conditions, and will be a core component of how
the more experimental building systems are evaluated.

The proposed schematic incorporates various environmentally
conscious building systems, including rainwater collection,
responsive heating and cooling, solar panels, vegetation to
provide thermal insulation, and will simultaneously teach the
public about living systems and healthy buildings through a
series of interactive displays and labs. As a catalyst for
Louisville, it will spur renewed interest and vitality in the city

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