Entry Title: " 4Daptive"
, United States
Category: Professional, Industrial Products
Designer(s): Mark Miller, Founder, CEO MKThink + RoundhouseOne Rachel Posman, Program Manager, RoundhouseOne Signo Uddenberg, Manager, Innovation Studio Hadar Wissotzky, CTO, RoundhouseOne Nate Goore, Director, Strategy Studio Doug Humphreys, VP, Consulting

Entry Description:

4Daptive is a proprietary software that is distributed to our
clients via cloud computing. The patented analytic engine
applies multi-dimensional logic to fixed Asset, Cultural and
Environmental variables to achieve full picture analytics to
ensure that decisions arent made in silos. Data is then analyzed
with a findings generation application that creates insight to
allow domain experts to make informed, actionable decisions
related to quality, quantity and operational change.

Final findings are then delivered in a data card format that
yields in-depth information about where the sensors where
placed, testing period, time interval of the testing, and other
relevant information that paints a complete picture of
environmental conditions over time.

About the Company:


* 2013 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Industrial Products Category