Entry Title: " Animal Shelter"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Dr. Hakan G├╝rsu

Entry Description:

Pet House is a sustainable DIY product that turns waste PET bottles to a shelter for the animals. Thanks to its construction method depending on self-assembly, anyone can build it for either the pets they own, or the stray and even the wild animals. The set includes a base and a top made of chipboard, and inside plastic elements with grooves for bottle fixing, as well. The Pet bottles serve as the walls of the shelter and a \"Perlit\" material is filled inside the bottles. That white pebble-looking material is not only to provide a better heat insulation and stability principally, but also to present a natural look indeed. Since the shelter simply blends in with the nature thanks both to the chipboard cover and perlite contained, even a burrowing can adopt it as a nest. Pet House can be covered with soil and plants and blends into wild environments. It can also be mounted onto tree-like structures which makes multiple shelter units for birds. After the construction, the whole shelter is enclosed by a rope again for the structural and decorative purposes, while another optional rope acts like a handle for easy-carrying. Optionally, a double shelter can be built for bigger animals in regard to the increased number of 1,5 Lt bottles collected. Design also becomes more favorable with optionally integrated elements. To explain, it lets the sunlight diffuse inside with the help of another 5lt waste bottle placed upside down on the top, or becomes a dark house with an an optional door-lid integrated. Beside consisting of 21 pieces of waste bottles Pet House encourages PET reuse and sustainability beside it provides protection and a safe place for the animals.

About the Company:


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