Entry Title: " South Wing 1, Temasek Polytechnic"
Category: Professional, Public
Designer(s): Forum Architects

Entry Description:

The first of the Capacity Expansion Projects at Temasek Polytechnic, South Wing Phase 1 is a 3-storey, 18,000sqm new teaching facility comprising teaching facilities such as classrooms and interactive learning laboratories, a 300-seater music performance auditorium and administrative staff offices. It adjoins the existing Business School building providing much needed additional space for an expanding student and staff body.

The project aims to push the envelope of smart classroom design, investigate ways to reduce energy consumption through building design and technology and consciously build less at planning stage by sharing and optimisation of existing and new resources.

It has attained the Singapore BCA Greenmark Platinum Award, the highest level of sustainable rating, upon building completion in 2012.

Specifically for Singapore, lowering of solar heat gain through reduction of cooling load, design for high annual rainfall and harnessing prevailing winds for cooling are climatic control key strategies.

The buildings orientation, shape, window design, sun control features such as light shafts and building envelope minimises heat and energy usage and provides a high quality and comfortable environment for its occupants.

Five numbers of light and wind shafts are located directly above the voids from 1st to 2nd level naturally cooling the interior corridor. The shafts work on the principal of air temperature and density differentiation also known as stack effect.

The green wall wrapped around Level 3 helps to reduce solar heat gain into the offices . Worked around a module for easy constructability and installation, each module features a play of glass and green allowing for views out and daylight into the offices.

A roof garden covers almost two thirds of the roof. It not only helps to reduce heat thermal heat gain but also is a beautiful green space seen from surrounding hight buildings around campus.

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