Entry Title: " Aspen Valley Hospital Expansion and Renovation"
Category: Professional, Public
Designer(s): Russ Sedmak, Mark Johnson, Katie Vander Putten, Neil Ross, Colin Moar, Bob Bowyer

Entry Description:

To meet the needs of the growing Aspen Community, Aspen Valley
Hospital is transforming from an outdated, 70,000 SF, inpatient-
focused Critical Access Hospital, into a progressive, 230,000 SF,
outpatient-oriented, efficient, and user-friendly medical center.
Building on a relationship that began in 1999, Aspen Valley Hospital
and Heery Design have worked closely to develop the master plan,
design and the ongoing implementation of the expansion and
renovation phases.

Heery envisioned new angles to achieve the AVHs program goals:
- The use of natural lighting and capturing the extraordinary views
reflects the natural beauty of the Aspen mountain community.
- A transformation into a highly efficient and patient friendly medical
center. Projects completed to date show increased patient satisfaction
and improved physician recruiting.
- A true community effort, the design process involved the entire
hospital staff, neighborhood groups, elected officials, and the
community at large.
- Modified IPD utilized with a fully collaborative Owner-Architect-CM
delivery process beginning early in the design phase.
- To meet the City of Aspens stringent energy goals, the new
hospital is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification.

In addition to the design, Heery is providing commissioning services in
conjunction with LEED consulting services, including assisting with a
Green Initiative feasibility study of the proposed utility infrastructure,
which consists of nine sustainability initiatives to improve the hospitals
green house gas emissions, electrical energy independence and
usage, co-generation of electrical power, water efficiencies, study of
free cooling and ice storage capabilities, and use of raw water and
geo-thermal utilities. The study consists of return on investment
calculations, equipment costs, installation costs, and operating
impacts to facility operations groups. The final focus of the study
surrounds the LEED certification, and compliance with the city of
Aspens Canary Initiative, which stresses that all new buildings in
Aspen produce a zero carbon footprint.

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