Entry Title: " HP Chromebook 11"
Category: Professional, Industrial Products
Designer(s): Credits: Diane Stember Richards - Group Creative Director, Jeff Gardner - Associate Creative Director, Priscilla Rodrigues - Client Manager, Janie Ramos - Project Coordinator, Be Green Packaging - Production Company, Uneka - Co-Designer, Google - Co-Designer,

Entry Description:

The HP Chromebook is an ultra-minimalist and super affordable device designed to make it possible for more people to access to the Internet. The packaging solution should echo the qualities of the product, focusing on simplicity and minimalismwe wanted to do less, not more.

The concept for the final package came from an everyday experience. After dinner at a restaurant, a humble takeout box caught the eye of a team member. Struck by the functional design and the compostable material, he challenged everyone to explore solutions based on this inspiration.

When the team started, there was no real thing to hold and handle. They determined that paper pulp could be used to make a material that was remarkably biodegradable yet sturdy enough to protect the Chromebook. This experiment led to an innovative new packaging solution that uses a tree-free compostable pulp made from rapidly renewable plant fibers. These fibers consist of Bamboo and Bagasse interwoven together to create a strong pulp material that resembles cardboard. The cost of developing this material is equivalent to solutions that include plastics, paper and are less ecologically responsible.

Today, people are very conscious about the importance of sustainability. In the fast-paced world of technology we live in, where new devices are conceptualized, developed, and released into the market every month, it also means that more materials are being used and consumed per product. With the massive amount of products being consumed per household, our society benefits from developing packaging solutions that minimize the amount of materials being usedas in the case of the Chromebook 11, the fact that the packaging is compostable makes it even better in reducing environmental impact. In turn, this translates into a brand advantage for our client as it demonstrates the brand\'s commitment to sustainability.

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