Entry Title: " Elementary Teachers\' Federation of Ontario"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Bruce Kuwabara (design partner), Shirley Blumberg (partner-in-charge), Kael Opie (associate), Geoffrey Turnbull, Bruno Weber, David Constable, Zachary Hinchliffe, Christopher Pfiffner, Joseph Kan, Bryn Marler, Joy Charbonneau, Lynn Pilon, Carolyn Lee, Danielle Sucher, Bridget Freeman-Marsh, Lang Cheung

Entry Description:

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) represents over 76,000 teachers and education workers in the province of Ontario. It plays a critical role in recognizing that the people who teach our children are pivotal in building a better future. ETFOs also set ambitious objectives for their new headquarters to provide a highly sustainable, green exemplar to teach and inspire students, citizens, developers and the City. The challenges of the site and context also provided an opportunity to highlight the power of architecture to act as an agent for positive change and community.

The ETFO headquarters is conceived as a pinnacle of sustainable building practice with goals for a minimum 60% energy reduction over the Model National Energy Code Building (MNECB), and LEED Platinum certification. The ambition is to be the greenest, and most energy efficient commercial office building in Metro Toronto.
The 11,248m design prioritizes a contextual response to knit-together the divergent set of contexts and conditions that characterize the neighbourhood and its edge conditions. The massing is broken down into a series of residential sized forms to respond to the rhythm and scale of Victorian homes to the west. A huge Black Walnut tree was spared by creating a west facing tree court cutting into the building. As many mature trees as possible were saved. The front entrance is conceived as a porch which connects the community to the public programs offered by ETFO on the ground floor, and which are highly visible from the street.

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