Entry Title: " Merlin Power Systems Solar Tracker"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): \"Billy Silhan, CEO of Merlin Power Systems\", “Mark Ryckman, Special Projects Director of Merlin Power Systems\", \"Bob Ciappa, Manager, Technical Support of Merlin Power Systems\", “Clint Brown, Director of Engineering, Merlin Power Systems\", \"John Forsberg, VP of Combat Applications of Merlin Power Systems\", \"Rob Brady, CEO / Design Director of ROBRADY design\", “Erik Holmen, Sr. Industrial Designer of ROBRADY design”, “Steve MacFarlane, Sr. Mechanical Engineer of ROBRADY design”

Entry Description:

Solar Tracker
Marking the dawn of a new era in humanitarian relief capabilities, the ruggedized and portable Solar Tracker System produces readily available energy whenever and wherever the sun is shining - even in the most desolate environments. Integral to an innovative approach for delivering portable energy, the Solar Tracker can be transported and deployed by two people. Once on-site, the unit can go from case to operational in under 15 minutes.

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