Entry Title: " Merlin Power Systems Fuel Cell"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): \"Billy Silhan CEO of Merlin Power Systems\", “Mark Ryckman Special Projects Director of Merlin Power Systems\", \"Bob Ciappa Manager Technical Support of Merlin Power Systems\", “Clint Brown Director of Engineering Merlin Power Systems\", \"John Forsberg VP of Combat Applications of Merlin Power Systems\", \"Rob Brady CEO / Design Director of ROBRADY design\", “Erik Holmen Sr. Industrial Designer of ROBRADY design”, “Steve MacFarlane Sr. Mechanical Engineer of ROBRADY design”

Entry Description:

Fuel Cell
When rigor is routine, a product that can withstand extraordinary punishment should be commonplace. The fuel cell represents the leading edge of the technology. Our ruggedized design protects the innovative fuel cell technology, allowing it to function in those areas where it would have the most impact, but also sustain the most impact. Yet, for all its features, it is what the design doesnt have that yields the greatest effect on remote power: theres no noise or emissions, and virtually no effort required to operate the unit.

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